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MONTIFER s.r.o. further offers the following services:

  • Surface finishes
  • Metal sheet cutting - laser, plasma, oxyacetylene torch
  • Horizontal and portal CNC machining
  • Mobil crane, crane works
  • Lease of offices in the administration building

Leasing premises

Are you looking for oofice premises in Přelouč Town?

We offer commercial space for administrative activities in our newly reconstructed KASI - MONTIFER headquarters (former AGRA) in Přelouč.

Basic room/office size is 18m2, but the rooms can be combined, and additional space can be created of up to 108m2.

Numbers of firms and institutions have found comfortable accommodation in our building: doctors, shops, pharmacy etc.

The building is conveniently located near both the railway and bus station.

In case you are interested, please contact Ms Popovičová:

Tel/Fax: +420 466 955 840
Mobil:    +420 608 672 754
E-mail:   denisa.popovicova@montifer.cz

Mobile crane

Do you want to rent a mobile crane?

We offer mobile crane for rent, and corresponding works in Přelouč and around, after agreement in any location.

Mobile crane TATRA 815 AD 20 has loading capacity of 20 tons.

Price: CZK 750/hour of work + CZK 40/km. Long-term use of the crane: possible discounts.

You can find the crane dimensions and load diagram.

If you are interested, please contact Mr Makeš:

Tel/Fax: +420 466 955 840
Mobil:    +420 775 672 772
E-mail:   jiri.makes@montifer.cz

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